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  1. Hi ,
    I am new in DBA line so can you please guide me from where i can start learning from dba so i can able to solve the problems easily.

    • There are many pages where you can find many informations about Oracle. However the best source is Oracle help. There is DBA in 2-day tutorial. i think it’s good start. Juts type “oracle help 12c 2 day dba” in google and you should get link to video tutorial plus link to 12c help.

  2. Hi,i am so glad to find your article about installing oracle database on fedora 21. Actually, i have been trying so hard to install oracle 11g r2 on fedora 12, because i used to be taught to do that. The joke (we may call it) is that i had tried three times seriously to make it, but each time there were different problems either concerning linux itself or the packages and software compatibility and version.In fact, nearly two years ago, i had classes for linux and oracle, which were taught at the same time and only lasted for one semester.What’s worse, it was very easy for me to mix them .And believe it or not, because my teacher tended to be so serious and a kind of rigid that i used to be full of awe for oracle and linux.Now i am in my graduate school.i want to make it and conquer my fears for them.And after more than ten times installation and mistakes,i know that it is only a matter of time and patience,though i am still on the way to make it.Thanks for your sharing. For me, sharing is virtue.Thanks a lot.

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