Install Centos Linux 7

This article presents how to install CentOS Enterprise Linux 7.

I assume you have already downloaded CentOS Enterprise Linux 7 64 bit(about 4 G) and you know how to use VirtualBox 64 bit(100M). Create virtual machine with default settings for RedHat Linux 64 bit. For start 1GB ram and 64G for disk is enough plus increase video memory to 128M and turn on acceleration 3D. Rest of options you can keep default.


1. Boot from dvd or iso file. Select first option “Install CentoOS 7” and press “enter” key.


2. Select your language and clink “Continue” button.


3. You should see “INSTALLATION SUMMARY” screen. Here you can change many options for your host like:

  • date and time
  • keyboard
  • language support
  • installation source
  • software selection
  • network settings
  • storage

First click “SOFTWARE SELECTION” to select extra software for this installation


4. On “SOFTWARE SELECTION” screen select “GNOME Desktop” for your “Base Environment”. Then select extra software you want to install by selecting it in “Add-Ons for Selected Environment”.


I recommend below list of options for later Oracle software installation and general development on CentOS Linux 7. Feel free to select extra options if you need it. When you are ready click “Done” button.

  • GNOME Applications
  • Internet Applications
  • Office Suite and Productivity
  • Development tools

5. You should be back on “INSTALLATION SUMMARY” screen so select “INSTALLATION DESTINATION” to configure storage.


6. Select your disk to install CentOS 7. You can change partitioning here. When you are happy click “Done”.


7. You are back on “INSTALLATION SUMMARY” screen” so click “NETWORK & HOSTNAME” to setup network.


8. Enter Hostname in my case it’s “”. Switch “ON” for your network card  then click “Configure” button to set details for network card.


9. In first tab check checkbox “Automatically connect to this network when it is available” to activate this network card automatically. On tab “IPv4 Settings” and “IPv6 Settings” you can assign static ip address for your network card. I just use default “Automatic (DHCP)”. When you are ready click “Save..” button to save your configuration then click “Done” button.


10. Just click “Begin installation” button.


11. Installation has been started. You need to change password for root user during installation. Click on “ROOT PASSWORD”.


12. Change password for user root and press “Done”.


13. You should be back on installation screen. Click “USER CREATION” to add extra user. Enter user name, password and check checkbox “Make this user administrator”. Click “Done” button when you are ready.


14. You are back on installation screen. When installation is completed just click on “Reboot” to restart machine.

Centos7_15 Centos7_16

15. After first reboot you should see following screen. Click “LICENSE INFORMATION”  then accept license and click “FINISH CONFIGURATION” button.




16. Just click “Forward” button


17. Login to “CentOS 7″ click on your username in my case “tomasz”. Enter password and click “Sign-in” button.

Centos7_21 Centos7_22

18. Choose your language preferences and click “Next” button.


19. Select your keyboard preferences. You can add here more keyboards if you click “+”. Click “Next” button to continue


20. On the screen you can configure connections to some cloud services. When you are done click “Next” button.

Centos7_25 Centos7_26

21. Just click “Start using CentOS Linux″ button.


22. You should see Gnome help. It’s good place to learn about Gnome interface.


23. This picture shows main screen of “CentOS 7″.


Have a fun 🙂


2 thoughts on “Install Centos Linux 7

  1. Please let me know how to choose the kdevelop tools while installation..
    Also please help me in adding the secondary disk to the machine..

    I am install the centOS7 in virtualbox 4.3.13 🙂

    Thanks in advance…….

    • I have no time for answering such questions sorry :). I’m too busy person. You can find it easily on google.
      I showed in some other installations how to add extra disk – look for RAC installation on my site. It’s pretty simple process.


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