Smart Flash Cache Oracle Database 12C release 1 (12.1)

Smart Flash Cache concept is not new in Oracle 12C – DB Smart Flash Cache in Oracle 11g.

In this release Oracle has made changes related to both initialization parameters used by DB Smart Flash cache. Now you can define many files|devices and its sizes for “Database Smart Flash Cache” area. In previous releases only one file|device could be defined.

DB_FLASH_CACHE_FILE = /dev/sda, /dev/sdb, /dev/sdc


So above settings defines 3 devices which will be in use by “DB Smart Flash Cache”

  • /dev/sda – size 32G
  • /dev/sdb – size 32G
  • /dev/sdc – size 64G

New view V$FLASHFILESTAT  – it’s used to determine the cumulative latency and read counts of each file|device and compute the average latency.

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