Oracle PGA monitoring using ASH and AWR

Article presents how to create simple report to monitor PGA in Oracle database using ASH or AWR as source.

PGA is dedicated memory structure in SGA stores stores following areas:

Cursors and private sql areas

  •  opened cursors, links to shared SQL areas in shared pool
  • bind variable for cursors
  •  query execution state information

SQL work areas

  • sort operations (order by, group-by, rollup, window function)
  • hash-join
  • bitmap merge
  • bitmap create

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Transform SQL to XML in Oracle

This article presents methods to transform an SQL to XML format with minimum effort possible.

Let’s take simple SQL

SELECT owner, table_name 
  FROM dba_tables
 WHERE table_name LIKE 'USER%' and owner='SYS';

OWNER                          TABLE_NAME                   
------------------------------ ------------------------------
SYS                            USER_HISTORY$                 
SYS                            USER_ASTATUS_MAP              
SYS                            USER$

and try to transform it into XML format

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Install Oracle 11G Release 2 (11.2) on Fedora 23

This article presents how to install Oracle 11G on Fedora 23.

Read following article how to install Fedora 23 Linux: Install Fedora 23 (for comfort set 4G memory for your virtual machine before proceeding with Oracle software installation).

Installation software is available on OTN version or metalink In this installation I’m presenting installation for but for previous version 11.2.0.X it shouldn’t be different.

Check article for new release Install Oracle 12C Release 1 (12.1) on Fedora 23

Oracle software that was verified


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