Install Ubuntu 14

This article presents how to install Ubuntu 14.

I assume you have already downloaded Ubuntu 14 64 bit(about 1 G) and you know how to use VirtualBox 64 bit(100M). Create virtual machine with default settings for Linux Ubuntu 64 bit. 2GB ram (I set 4GB for future Oracle database installation) and 64G for disk is enough plus increase video memory to 128M and turn on acceleration 3D. Rest of options you can keep default.


1. Boot from dvd or iso file. Just click on option “Install Ubuntu”.


2. Check checkbox “Download updates while installing” and press “Continue” button.


3. Here you can change settings for your disk. I used default settings “Erase disk and install Ubuntu” and click “Install Now” to proceed with installation.


4. Select time zone and click “Continue” button.


5. Select keyboard layout and click “Continue” button.


6. Specify username to logon to Ubuntu in my case it’s “tomasz” then computer name in my case it’s “” and set password for the user. There is option to logon automatically using the user. Click “Continue” button to proceed.


7. Installation starts. It takes about 15 minutes to complete. Once it’s done click “Restart Now” button. It will reboot “Ubuntu 14”.

Ubuntu_08Ubuntu_09 Ubuntu_10

8. Login to Ubuntu using defined user and password.


9. You should see following start screen for “Ubuntu 14”.


10. Useful command

switch to user root

sudo -s

Have a fun 🙂

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