Blockchain Tables in Oracle Database 21c

Oracle 21c introduces a new feature called Blockchain Tables, which allows users to store and query data stored on a blockchain network directly in the database. This feature makes it easy to integrate blockchain data into Oracle-based applications, and enables users to leverage the security and immutability of blockchain technology while still using familiar SQL commands to access and manipulate the data.

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Oracle – generate INSERT statements for dynamic input query 2019

If you are working as developer/DBA probably you are quite often asked to migrate some rows from one database to another – usually people reference to the rows as “metadata” rows. Rows that driving your business !

If you need to prepare such rows for migrations there are a lot of methods to do it

just copy the rows using database link from one database to another
export/import the rows using tools like expdp/impdp
prepare manually scripts with INSERT statements

I would like to focus on the last method. It’s very popular to keep metadata in some files as number of INSERTs for backup/migrations/versioning etc.

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