UTL_CALL_STACK Oracle Database 12C release 1 (12.1)

New package UTL_CALL_STACK is added in Oracle 12C. The package gives more control for format display of call stack, error stack and error backtrace.

CALL STACK – it’s showing call stack from where it was started to where the call stack was examined. In previous release DBMS_UTILITY.FORMAT_CALL_STACK could be used to display it in constant format.

ERROR STACK – it shows full oracle error chain.  In previous release DBMS_UTILITY.FORMAT_ERROR_STACK could be used to display it in constant format.

ERROR BACKTRACE – The backtrace is a trace from where the exception was thrown to where the backtrace was examined. In previous release DBMS_UTILITY.FORMAT_ERROR_BACKTRACE could be used to display it in constant format.

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Install and configure Apex 5.0.X embedded PL/SQL

This article presents how to install and configure Apex for version 5.0.X for Oracle 11G

Prepare software to installation

Download installation package from Oracle site and unzip.

Download apex_5.0.X.zip to directory /tmp and unzip it from

cd /tmp
unzip <downloaded software>

After unzip is completed a new directory will be created /tmp/apex so go to this directory and log into database as SYSDBA. Always use SYSDBA account for running all scripts.

cd /tmp/apex
sqlplus / as sysdba

Pre-installation steps

It’s recommended to do backup of the database and disable the Oracle XMLDB HTTP server by setting the HTTP port to 0.


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Install Oracle in silent mode 12C Release 1 (12.1) on OEL6

This article presents how to install Oracle 12C Release 1 in silent mode.

Silent mode installation allows to configure necessary Oracle components without using graphical interface nor any interaction with end user. It’s very useful method especially when you want to prepare standard installation using shell scripts.

Read following article to install OEL6 Linux: Install Oracle Linux 6 64 bit(for comfort set 4G memory for your virtual machine). During OEL6 installation I drop user oracle and both group dba and oinstall.


Software for 12CR1 is available on OTN or edelivery

Database software



Be sure you fulfil following:

  • Oracle Linux 6 with the Unbreakable Enterprise kernel: 2.6.39-200.24.1.el6uek.x86_64 or later
  • Oracle Linux 6 with the Red Hat Compatible kernel: 2.6.32-71.el6.x86_64 or later

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